Tentative program outline:

  8:30Introduction and Welcome
  8:35Oral 1: In Defense of Shallow Learned Spectral Reconstruction from RGB Images
  8:50Oral 2: Adversarial Networks for Spatial Context-Aware Spectral Image Reconstruction from RGB
  9:05Oral 3: Photo-realistic Simulation of Road Scene for Data-Driven Methods in Bad Weather
  9:20Oral 4: Deep Photometric Stereo Network
  9:35Keynote 1 by
Prof. Katsushi Ikeuchi
  10:30Keynote 2 by
Asst. Prof. Manmohan Chandraker
  11:15Oral 5: Hierarchical Feature Degradation based Blind Image Quality Assessment
  11:30Oral 6: HSCNN: CNN-Based Hyperspectral Image Recovery from Spectrally Undersampled Projections
  11:45Oral 7: PVNN: A neural network library for photometric vision
  12:00Best Paper Award and Closing Remarks